Stiens “live”.

Produce your own energy with the sun and Solartechnik Stiens.

Totally free from all the objective arguments, that speak for Solartechnik Stiens, it is worth looking into the company. Our film introduces the faces and characters behind our company. Take a look into the development of our projects and the array of services we offer in order to make your investment secure for the next couple of years.

From the first handshake with your consultant to the installation and our full range of services – you get everything from a single source. Now and in future.

The history.

On the path to success with good teamwork and sunshine.
In 2004, proprietor Georg Stiens founded the company Solartechnik Stiens in Kaufungen, Germany. Over the years, the number of employees has grown from 2 to the current total of over 200. These staff members work in branch offices throughout Germany to provide on-site contact with our customers.
Kaufungen, as the head office, gives Stiens the possibility to operate right from the middle of Germany. Its central logistic position helps Stiens to develop its business in an ideal way.

In 2011 we installed more than 100 MWp on the rooftops of our customers. We thank you for your confidence. Without it we would have never been able to be the most successful provider of photovoltaicphotovoltaic
The term photovoltaic (PV) is made up of photon (Greek for light) and the name of physicist Alessandro Volta (Volt). Photovoltaic (solar power) is the direct conversion of light power into electrical power or generation of power from sunlight. Light power (photons) hit the silicon crystal grid of a doped semi-conductor, releasing charge carriers that can be used for power generation.
rooftop installations throughout Germany. We are not only represented in Germany, however, but also through branch offices in Austria, Belgium, Romania/East Europe, South Africa and in Turkey.